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Supercharge your control panel

Installatron Plugin is the leading web application auto installer (script installer) for popular web hosting control panels, including cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, and Parallels Plesk


Add top web applications like WordPress and Joomla to your existing web hosting account. Setup your website in seconds and discover all that Installatron can do.

Powerful yet impeccably clean and simple, Installatron Plugin makes it easier than ever for even the most inexperienced website owners to deploy, use, and maintain web applications.

Enable instant installs and upgrades, backups and restores, and other amazing features for a premier collection of only the highest-quality and most reliable web applications available.

With version 9, applications can be backed up to the local server or a remote location.

FTP, FTPS, SFTP/SSH, WebDAV, or Dropbox.

Website owners can backup their installed applications to FTP, FTPS, SFTP/SSH, WebDAV, and Dropbox instead of or in addition to the traditional local server backup location. Server administrators and resellers can fully configure which options are available and how they can be used.

Administrators and resellers can recover significant server disk space by switching application backup storage from the local server to a remote location. Simply add a custom backup location for website owner use and disable the “local server” backup location.

An automatic backup system for installed applications that’s flexible, reliable, completely managed, and easy to use.

Enabled at install time or later by editing an installed application, Automatic Backup will automatically maintain installed application backups based on the selected schedule. Backups are created, rotated and deleted between midnight and 6AM server time to maintain the selected schedule, and a failed backup will never rotate a working backup.

Stay more secure.

WordPress plugins and themes occasionally suffer from security vulnerabilities that require plugin or theme updates to keep a website secure. Traditionally this would require updating the affected plugin or theme for each website individually. With version 9, all WordPress websites on a server can be updated with just a couple clicks.

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