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Domain and hosting plan renewal.


How do I know when my domain or hosting services are due for renewal?

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If your billing cycle is annual, You will receive your invoice 30 days before service expiry on your email. For those with monthly billing cycles, you will receive your invoice 15 days before service expiry.

7 days to expiry, you will receive an email reminder of the pending invoice.

1day after expiry, you will receive a notification of suspension. Your services will be suspended in the next 2days. (Kindly note that depending on the domain extension, your domain might be unavailable immediately after expiry.)

In the event the invoice has not been cleared, your services will be suspended after the two days. An email to inform you that your services have been suspended will be sent to your email.

You can get in touch with support@sasahost.co.ke for more clarification.

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