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Outlook Configuration


How to configure Outlook?

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  • Open outlook
  • Go to Tools/Email Accounts
  • Select “ New”
  • Enter the email address and its password.
  • Select POP3 and put a check on “Manually configure settings”
  • Incoming Mail Server: mail.domainname
  • Outgoing Mail Server: mail.domainname
  • Username: Email Address as created via the cpanel
  • Password: Password that you assigned to the email address when creating
  • Incoming Port:110
  • Outgoing Port: 587 (Auto)
  • Click on More Settings
  • Click on Outgoing Server Tab
  • Click “Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) requires authentication”
  • Security for both incoming and outgoing server: NONE

Note: There is an option that says delete mails from the server. Put a check on “NEVER” otherwise your mails will be deleted from the server once you
have downloaded them hence no back up.

  • Click OK then next and Finish.
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